Choosing a new Flat Panel TV for your Home Theatre

Plasma or LCD TV? For you who want to have home theatre you may read this article!

For you who want to dispose your old television and want to change for the best television, I recommend you to call old tv removal service and you should read this article. Flat Panel TVs nowadays is very booming. Flat Panel TVs sometimes called flat screen. Flat Panel Tvs is considered slimmer or thinner instead of traditional TV. Traditional TV tis still use Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). Flat screen was introduced for the first time in University of Illinois in 1964. We can find the example of tool that use flat screen now such as laptop, cellphone, or digital camera.

Before I have my Flat Panel TVs, I have flat screen CRT TV. I bought my Polytron flat screen CRT TV 21 inch in 1994. At that time flat screen TV was considered very modern. My CRT TV is very durable. It was never be error or need service since I bought it until the early 2010. My CRT TV got the problem on the picture displayed. When I was turning on the TV, it needs about ten minutes for the display to appear the pictures completely. Sometimes, when we were still watching TV, the screen suddenly blacked out. I just turned the TV off then turn it on again. It had been lasting until the antenna oh my TV was struck out by the lightning when there was a pouring rain day. After that day, my TV perfectly black out but I could still hear the sound. In short, my CRT TV was transformed into radio. Since then, I was determining to buy any Flat Panel TVs.

Either LCD or Plasma is included into standard Flat Panel TVs. The screen of both TVs at glance seems similar. But, LCD TV is made of crystal liquid electric while plasma TV is using matrix of plasma cell gas. I was confused to choose which one I should buy. Then my friends give information as follows.

Flat Panel TVs are the TV which has flat screen. For the picture quality, Plasma TV is able to produce the brighter color, while LCD TV tends to perform blur picture mainly in the sport program. However, LCD TV now has been improved. You can reset the pixel respond time to manage the quality of the pictures on its screen. The next is about endurance. LCD has endurance stronger than plasma. Plasma TV is going to lose the light effect since its first usage up to 20.000 hours usage, while LCD will be losing it after 60.000 hours usage. In the color contrast, plasma can provide contrast color than LCD’s. In conclusion, if you decided to choose any Flat Panel TVs, you better to take LCD if you want to have small TV or below 50 inch because it cheaper than plasma. If you want to have a big one, Plasma TV is cheaper than LCD. And ensure that the TV you want to buy have digital tuner (not analog) for the better picture quality.