Tips to Sell a Property Fast

By: Mark Moz

Getting the right buyer for your house/property can be a pretty hectic task. The process goes from bad to worse if you are trying to sell the house within the shortest time possible.  If you are planning on moving abroad, it is more essential that selling your house here is straightforward.  Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent, the main idea behind putting the house for sale is to find the right buyer fast, and with the least aggravation.

Unless you are among the lucky few, the only way to find the right buyer and still make the most out of the sale is if you have a well laid-out plan, and advertise the house just right. Outlined below by Move Menorca are a few tips and tricks how to increase the odds of selling your property within the shortest time possible.

1. Price the House Right

The key to selling your home fast lies with pricing it correctly. Knowing what factors to use when valuing your house could help you settle for the right price. You could also hire a certified and experienced agent to help with the valuation process.

2. Talk to Several Estate Agents

Working with the right estate agent can help sell your house fast. A little digging and research are however needed to find the best person for the job. Don’t hire someone because a friend recommended him/her. Do your research before making the final decision.

3. The Estate Agent Should At Least Have:

a. Working website

Almost everyone today uses the internet to find products, services, and even properties. A good estate agent will have an active site showcasing houses/properties for sale.

b. Proven track record

estate agents with several years of experience in the field are considerably much better than newbies. Experienced estate agents often sell houses faster than fresher’s in the field.

c. Credible references

The estate agent should provide you with at least five references of people they have worked with. Some of the best estate agents will have the list of references on their websites. Be sure to contact most of the references just to be sure.

3. Find out how estate agents promote their properties

Aside from having a vast client base, a good estate agent will use various ways to promote properties in his/her listings. Take some time to learn about the different marketing methods used before making the hire.

4. Find out how listing descriptions are done

Experienced estate agents have a way of painting the right image on their audiences mind using descriptions. Take some time to study their listing descriptions to see how this is done.

5. Photography is crucial

Photography is one of the critical elements of marketing a property or house. You therefore need to have it done just right, with excellent pictures of the house taken to give the audience an idea of how the house is, and its condition.

6. Provide a video tour

Like photography, video is one of the crucial marketing tools that many estate agents use today. Unlike still images, shooting a video tour of the entire property or house provides more details and is more convincing than images. You however don’t need to do an expensive video of the same. A good camera phone should do the work pretty well.

7. Use a drone

Drones come quite in handy in both photography and video shootouts. Drones are also easily accessible and affordable too. With a drone, you will be able to get high-quality images and video of the house at various angles – this includes hard to reach areas such as the roof.

8. Social media is your friend

Most of your target audience and potential customers are on social media. Using the social media to market your listing puts it in front of millions of eyes, most of which can be the ideal buyer. With many people using smartphones and other gadgets to access the internet, taking full advantage of social media is recommended.

9. Create brochures

Brochures provide an exceptional way to promote your listings offline. Creating a full-colour leaflet of the listing is recommended.

10. Use professional mail

Postcards have never become obsolete. You can use these to market your listing even farther and reach audiences and potential buyers that probably won’t see your Facebook post.

These are just but a few marketing tips and ideas to help you sell your property fast. Working with an experienced estate agent can also help speed up the sale process.