Top ideas for using your oven efficiently

Whilst the modern kitchen presents a range of more efficient alternatives to the traditional oven, there are some foods that cannot be baked any other way. Luckily, you can still improve your efficiency and help not just the environment but your energy bills too.


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Convection ovens can offer a 20% reduction in the energy costs associated with your oven. By using a fan to circulate hot air in the oven, it also reduces cooking times. Advice on choosing the most efficient oven can be found from sources such as


If there is dirt at the bottom of your oven, the heat will stick there rather than reflecting off the shiny walls and back onto your food. Regular cleaning will also save money on oven cleaning products if dirt builds up when left too long.

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Do not wait

Cooking instructions will generally tell you to preheat your oven first. This does not mean you cannot put in the food whilst the oven is warming to save you some time, and therefore, money.

Correct dishes

Ceramic and glass dishes are better at holding heat than metal ones. This means you can cook at a lower temperature without increasing the overall cooking time, and therefore, save more energy.

Correct shelf

For the most precise cooking, ensure your food is at the right level in the oven. Cook things quickly at the top and slowly at the bottom. This way, you do not waste time, and therefore, do not waste energy.


If you have multiple shelves, cook multiple things at the same time. For instance, vegetables on one shelf whilst the main course goes on another, or a desert can begin slowly cooking whilst you are finishing your main. This is especially true with commercial combination ovens such as those found here

No peeking

Every time you open the oven door, heat escapes and your oven becomes a little less efficient. You should be able to see through the door if you have clear glass and a light, but a timer and your own sense of smell should warn you when it is about done.

Turn it off

The oven will remain hot for a while after you turn it off, so once you have switched off the power your food will still be cooking without costing you more.